Thursday, January 31, 2008

A Start


Mies Van Der Rohe was born in 1886 in Aachen, Germany. His early years and youth were not recorded well, and few records of his childhood are available. However, in 1905, Mies left Aachen and moved to Berlin to begin a job that he was promised. He served as a studio apprentice to Peter Behrens from 1908 to 1912. In this time, he was discovered as a new talent and was commissioned for

To date, he is considered to be one of the major pioneers in modern architecture. In his work, he hoped to establish a new definitive style for the current era.

Some Links About Mies Van Der Rohe

I'm doing a brochure for the work of Mies Van Der Rohe. In addition to some pictures of his work, I need to write some text (about 150-200 words) and have some credible sources. Here are some links I'm going to use.


This provides a nice and short biography on Mies Van Der Rohe and provides some names of his famous works.


A description of a specific design of his.


Some more biographical information which seems to have a simple and precise description of his unique and innovative style.


A nice picture of one of his buildings.


I also need a phrase to put under his name. I think I'll use either "God Is In The Details" or "Less Is More". I think less is more will be what I finally use, but I may change my mind.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

These are some definitions from the first class. As well, I went to the library and got two books on a designer for our first project.

Typography – text!

Connotation – suggestive aspect of communication

Denotation - direct aspect of communication.

Sans-serif – no hooks (corporate, assertive)

Serif – with hooks (decorative and generally more contemporary)


VECTOR - Essentially a mathematical formula which can be increased.

RASTER – Degrade as the size is increased.