Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The End.

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Michael Turek

NussbaumOnDesign: Design Is Dead. Philippe Starck Says So. Again.

This post contemplated the idea of design being dead. While I can see where the argument comes from, I don't believe design is, or will be any time soon, dead. While anyone can design, it is a true skill that requires experience and vision. I think that companies will always seek a designer to make their business a lifestyle of sorts.

NussbaumOnDesign: Is Apple Innovative or Just Adaptive?

This is a question I've often pondered. Their history says yes. They created a personal computer that people could afford and use efficiently. However, IBM did the same. Truly, they did not invent the personal computer, they just designed their own take on it. The same goes for the iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, and MacBooks. Both Nussbaum and I see this as innovation. No doubt, Apple has been innovative. However, what makes them different?

The truth is, what people pay extra for in an Apple product is the design.

A PC truly can do whatever a Mac can. However, it is very obvious that the controlled signature design is not there. The simplicity and elegance of a Mac's OS graphics or the computer's case really sells the product.

Some people may be fooled, some may prefer it. Either way, it says a lot for design.

Comments on Selected Design Blogs

John K's Blog:
"I never realized that such simple characters are so elegantly constructed.

It's really incredible to see a professional's view of classic characters. I've really become interested in character design ever since I began reading this blog."

-Bullwinkle character construction.

I Love Typography:
"It's very nice to have an inside perspective on the creation of a font. All the sketching and decisions that need to be made are incredible and inspiring. Thanks for this."

-An Interview With Jos Buivenga

Graphic Define:
"Great post. It's very true. Design really can sell a life style rather than a product. I can see that in Apple a lot. Many people discuss the community and life style that come with a Mac rather than the product itself. Whether this is a good thing, I am not sure. Either way, it makes design a bit more direct."

-What are you selling, really?

Core 77: "hood.e" puts mp3 speakers in your hoodie hood!

This post discusses a concept for another smart object which can be classified as wearable computing. The post describes a hoodie which embeds headphones into a hooded sweat shirt. While one may quickly dismiss the hoodie as a jack of all trades but master of none, the design is surprisingly stylish. The entire hoodie is two toned and bold, utilizing thick white lines creating an eye catching and progressive design.

Core 77: Touch Diamond Smart Phone

After the lecture given in class by Leonardo Bonanni, I felt like this was an interesting post.

A smart phone is essentially a phone that runs with its own Operating System. While not as unique and recent as some of the smart objects displayed by Bonanni, smart phones are a large step toward ubiquitous computing.

What makes the phone unique is its design. The back of the phone is divided into very angular and "iconic" segments. As well, there were supposedly many iterations of the phone using different finishes and materials. The phone appears to have achieved its unique exterior, separating it from many phones already on the market.

Seth's Blog: Four Words

In this post, Seth states four words that he believes sums up "great marketing":

Make big promises; overdeliver.

Truthfully, I see this as a little too ideal. Obviously everyone would like to make big promises and over deliver on them. This, however, does not necessarily yield the best results. Of course, if someone was able to follow through with this idea, the work would be impressive. However, if everyone was to make big promises and eventually not be able to over deliver, the results could be detrimental to a company. While Seth does acknowledge the difficulty of his idea, I find this post a little over the top. I believe that someone should push themselves, but promise to deliver what they know they can. If they can over deliver on these personal goals, they have succeeded.