Tuesday, May 6, 2008

NussbaumOnDesign: Is Apple Innovative or Just Adaptive?

This is a question I've often pondered. Their history says yes. They created a personal computer that people could afford and use efficiently. However, IBM did the same. Truly, they did not invent the personal computer, they just designed their own take on it. The same goes for the iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, and MacBooks. Both Nussbaum and I see this as innovation. No doubt, Apple has been innovative. However, what makes them different?

The truth is, what people pay extra for in an Apple product is the design.

A PC truly can do whatever a Mac can. However, it is very obvious that the controlled signature design is not there. The simplicity and elegance of a Mac's OS graphics or the computer's case really sells the product.

Some people may be fooled, some may prefer it. Either way, it says a lot for design.

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