Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Comments on Selected Design Blogs

John K's Blog:
"I never realized that such simple characters are so elegantly constructed.

It's really incredible to see a professional's view of classic characters. I've really become interested in character design ever since I began reading this blog."

-Bullwinkle character construction.

I Love Typography:
"It's very nice to have an inside perspective on the creation of a font. All the sketching and decisions that need to be made are incredible and inspiring. Thanks for this."

-An Interview With Jos Buivenga

Graphic Define:
"Great post. It's very true. Design really can sell a life style rather than a product. I can see that in Apple a lot. Many people discuss the community and life style that come with a Mac rather than the product itself. Whether this is a good thing, I am not sure. Either way, it makes design a bit more direct."

-What are you selling, really?

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